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Weimer Skin Clinic, P.A. is proud of our being the first dermatology clinic in the Myrtle Beach area to offer Narrow Band Ultra Violet B (NB UVB) Phototherapy. January 2010 heralds our introduction of university-quality, state-of-the-art, NB UVB Phototherapy for severe psoriasis sufferers; and those patients with intractable itching, severe atopic dermatitis, or Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL). Also, many authorities believe NB UVB to be the treatment-of-choice for severe psoriasis flaring during pregnancy. National Biologics (considered the nationís premier manufacturer of high-quality NB UVB Phototherapy units) has provided and installed their Houva II, Model 101, NB UVB unit inside our custom-designed, UVB room. Within this unit are 48 Phillips-brand, NB UVB lamps which output 311 nanometer (nm) UVB light. Likewise, Phillips is recognized as one of the worldís premier manufacturers of NB UVB lamps. In contrast to old-fashion, Broad Band UVB (BB UVB), these NB UVB units employ much higher energies per session, resulting in a much shorter treatment duration of the patientís standing inside the unit. Shorter treatment times are therefore much more satisfying to patients. Yet, studies demonstrate that the overall, cumulative dose of UVB required to achieve efficacy against the patientís skin disease, is generally lower and achieved more quickly than with the older BB UVB units. Achieving this milestone is another demonstration of Weimer Skin Clinicís motto of "Excellence in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery". Contact our clinic for a consultation with Dr. Weimer.

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