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Dr. C. Edward WeimerDr. Weimer is a veteran, having served on Active Duty for 10 years as a Medical Officer in the United States Navy - 4 years as a Family Physician; then 6 years as a Dermatologist. In 1987 he proudly served as part of the First Crew of the Hospital Ship, USNS Mercy (T-AH 19), during its humanitarian mission to the Republic of the Philippines and South Pacific. He served on the Staff of the Naval Hospital, Charleston SC. He and his family have resided in Murrells Inlet since 1998.

To attain Board Certification by the American Board of Dermatology, a physician must pass a rigorous examination after having first successfully completed 4 years of Medical School, a year of Internship, then a 36 month Residency in Dermatology. In Dr. Weimer's case he exceeded these requirements. He completed his Internship as a part of a 3-year Residency in Family Medicine at MUSC. For his last 6 months as a Navy "Family Physician", he was assigned to work full-time in the Dermatology Department of the Charleston Naval Hospital. Thus Dr. Weimer essentially had completed 42 consecutive months of Dermatology training by the time he finished his Residency in Dermatology at MUSC.

Since January 2010, Weimer Skin Clinic has proudly provided safe, medically supervised, state-of-the-art, 311 nm, Narrow Band-UltraViolet B (NB-UVB) Phototherapy. We have, in fact, the first such NB-UVB unit within an 85-mile geographic radius. These treatments utilize a Houva II, Model 101, 48-lamp unit manufactured by National Biological. You will find no one in the Myrtle Beach area with more current experience administering NB-UVB. Dr. Weimer is dedicated to lifelong learning and excellence in Dermatology, as evidenced by the following: successful completion of his initial Certification Examination by the American Board of Dermatology in 1992, FOLLOWED by two successful ABD Recertification Examinations. Furthermore, he is the FIRST Myrtle Beach area Dermatologist to attain this level of competency the passing of TWO Recertifications, the most recent being in September 2011. Dr. Weimer served Our Country for 10 years on Active Duty (1985-95) in the United States Navy Medical Corps.

Our Practice Logo displayed at the top of the web-page states Dr. Weimer's professional motto: "Excellence in Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery". Dr. Weimer graduated from the West Virginia University School of Medicine and moved to South Carolina in 1982. He is a MUSC-trained, and former U.S. Navy, Dermatologist, who has achieved the status of Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology since 1992. (View the other FAAD Logo on this page denoting Dr. Weimer as a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.) Dr. Weimer has practiced Medical and Surgical Dermatology in Myrtle Beach (since 1996) and Conway (since 1997). "Excellence" in his motto implies a professionally derived, all-consuming goal to provide each Dermatology patient with his best efforts to diagnose, treat, and manage their skin disease or skin problem. This also includes Dermatologic Surgery performed by him in our clinic using local anesthesia. He will tell each patient straightforwardly whether he believes that he is the best qualified to treat their skin problem - and make every professional attempt to follow through. However, when a patient's diagnosis or treatment is beyond the normal scope of Dr. Weimer's practice, Dr. Weimer will unhesitatingly consult and refer that patient to one of his trusted colleagues. Also, should any patient be diagnosed with skin cancer and then refuses all reasonable, recommended treatments, then Dr. Weimer's policy is to send that patient a final certified letter before closing the matter in the patient's health record.

Building Trust. Striving for Excellence. Adhering to Professionalism. Taking No Patient for Granted. If these expressions mean something to you - then be assured they most certainly resonate with Dr. Weimer and the Staff of Weimer Skin Clinic, P.A. These are our Watchwords! Dr. Weimer looks forward to meeting you!

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